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Sunday stuff

I have to say, I've been really disappointed in the Cleveland Indians the past two days. I picked them to win the World Series in large part because I thought they could ride their two aces through the playoffs...and the Indians are 1-3 in games Sabathia and Carmona have started in the ALCS.

We have a must read piece from Evan Grant in the DMN this morning, on the Rangers' Instructional League team.

We get a closer look at Engel Beltre, whom Grant says is turning heads and generating anecdotes all over camp, and Elvis Andrus, the 19 year old shortstop who, when asked by director of player development Scott Servais who his favorite shortstop is, answered Derek Jeter, because Jeter "is a leader and a winner, and that's what I am."

Grant also talks at length on Tommy Hunter and Blake Beavan, who are rooming together, Thomas Diamond, and German Duran.

Really long, and really good, article, that everyone should check out...

Grant also blogs on last night's game 6 and the ALCS...