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Rob Neyer interview

THT has an interview up with Rob Neyer...

Here's my favorite part:

What's the angriest feedback you ever got from a column?

The angriest feedback probably came after a column I wrote about Derek Jeter's defense, I believe in 2001. You always get a lot of e-mail when you write anything negative about the Yankees, so I wasn't surprised by that reaction. But apparently somebody in the media picked up on the column (which, by the way, was loaded with facts). I believe Suzyn Waldman mentioned it on the air somewhere, and John Sterling and Michael Kay had me on their radio show. What I didn't know is that the goal apparently was to embarrass me, as the two of them spent most of the time yelling at me. This was my first time on New York radio, and not particularly pleasant. Sterling was particularly nasty. I don't want to get Kay in trouble or anything, but it's been more than six years, so I hope he doesn't mind me saying this . . . Sterling was so rude that Kay e-mailed me the next day to apologize for his partner. I've always considered him a mensch for doing that. He certainly didn't have to.