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Bringing back former Rangers?

It occurred to me this weekend...

Two guys who were traded last year as part of rather controversial deals -- Nick Masset and Laynce Nix -- used their final options this season. Both players are questionable to make the 2008 25 man rosters of their respective teams, and if they don't make the 25 man roster, they'd have to clear waivers to be sent down (although Masset, having been outrighted once before, could become a free agent if he cleared waivers, rather than accept a minor league assignment).

And Kevin Mench, who was part of the same deal as Nix, is likely to be non-tendered this offseason, after posting a .267/.305/.441 line in part-time duty for the Milwaukee Brewers in 2007 (and looking at a raise to $4-5 million in arbitration, if he isn't non-tendered).

So I'm just wondering...if Mench is non-tendered, would you be in favor of the Rangers bringing him in on a one year major league deal, at $2-3 million?

What about Masset and Nix? Would you want the Rangers to put in a claim on either (or both) of those guys, should they be put on waivers, knowing that they are out of options (and thus would need to stay on the 25 man roster all year)?