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Playing the 1986 season, Strat-o-Matic style

Feeling nostalgic for the baseball of your youth?

Need something new to follow now that we are just a week or two away from the baseball season being over-over?

Well, the Sporting News is doing a replay of the 1986 season, via Strat-o-Matic (which you can also play online at the TSN website).

A coterie of folks have been invited to participate, including such familiar names as Curt Schilling (managing the '86 BoSox), Doug Glanville (managing the '86 Phillies), Deadspin's Will Leitch (managing the Cards), and Gary Dell'Abate (of the Howard Stern show, managing the New York Mets).

I've been invited to manage the '86 Ranger squad, which won 87 games in real life (despite being predicted to lose 100), and included rookies Eddie Correa, Bobby Witt, Mitch Williams, Pete Incaviglia, and Ruben Sierra, along with Bobby Valentine in his first full season as the manager.

The '86 replay season starts on November 5, and I'd like to encourage everyone to click on the link I provided above and check out the setup, and add it to your bookmarks so you can follow as the season progresses, and see if I can do as well as Bobby V. did that year...