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Tuesday a.m.

Another day without much Rangers news out there.

I think the past two years, there's been more Rangers stuff at this time of year because two years ago, John Hart had been axed and there was stuff about Jon Daniels taking over, while last year, there was the Buck firing and the ongoing managerial search.

This October? Not so much...

The one thing from yesterday that I thought I'd mention is this headline from Poochie:

Pronk crumbled under pressure

The implication, of course, is that Travis Hafner couldn't handle the stress in his first postseason appearance, doesn't have the mental resiliency and strength of character to perform on the game's biggest stage, and his awful postseason is a reflection of that, evidence of a failing of character.

The reality, of course, is that Hafner had a lousy postseason because he didn't swing the bat well. He didn't swing the bat well for much of the season. I'm comfortable saying that Hafner's not performing well in the ALCS was a physical failing, a guy going into a slump at the wrong time, not evidence that he "crumbled under pressure."

But hey, saying that someone "crumbled under pressure" is the easy storyline, so it isn't surprising that there inevitably end up being folks out there who run with it...