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Still more coach updates

Evan Grant has a blog entry on the impact that the departure of Don Wakamatsu will have in the clubhouse...I'm sure folks remember the support Wakamatsu had from the players when he was interviewed for the managerial position last year, and Grant suggests that the key role needing to be filled with his departure is that of a "good, calm voice of reason" in the clubhouse.

Grant suggests Jerry Narron as a possibility, given the close relationship Narron already has with Michael Young and Frank Catalanotto.

In addition, the Mets are keeping Howard Johnson on as their hitting coach, and will not pursue Rudy Jaramillo when his contract expires next week. This is a surprising move -- I figured Jaramillo would end up with the Mets -- and would seem to remove some of the leverage Rudy has in negotiating with the Rangers.