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Monday a.m. stuff

Well, it is already a little after noon, so it isn't really Monday a.m. stuff, but still...

The offseason has started with a bang, with the announcement yesterday that ARod is opting out of his contract.

Gil LeBreton has a column up on the decision, although the substance of it can be summarized with LeBreton's all-too-predictable opening line:

Curveballs seem to elude his bat each October, but if we've learned anything about Alex Rodriguez, it's that he never allows a dollar bill to skip past him.

And in a rare show of solidarity, Evan Grant and Tim MacMahon both rip ARod for the timing of the announcement, with one of the commenters going so far as to call ARod a "miserable human being."

Grant also discusses the possibility of ARod heading to Boston to join the Red Sox, although I think that's probably not the most likely fit. I'm standing by my prediction that he ends up in Detroit...

Will Carroll's chat session last night including some Rangers talk, and some LSB love from Will (which is much appreciated)...

And Keith Law had some praise for the Rangers farm system last night:

Whit (Memphis): Can the Rangers be the Rockies of 2008?

Keith Law: (11:03 PM ET ) I don't see it, and I think they're building for 2010 or so. Their farm system has improved quite a bit in the last 12-18 months, to the point where it's one of the best in the game.