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Rangers make a waiver claim

I was thinking this weekend that it is disappointing that Chris Snelling didn't slide to the Rangers when he was put on waivers last week...he was claimed by the D-Rays, and apparently will vie with Rocco Baldelli for the role of "toolsy white outfielder who can't stay healthy" for Tampa...

But the Rangers snagged another outfielder off of waivers today, getting Angel outfielder Nick Gorneault.

You can see Gorneault's minor league numbers here. He's 28 and has basically no major league experience, although he put up decent numbers in 2005 and 2006 for Salt Lake City, with MLE EQAs of .257 and .248 those two seasons.

He slumped in 2007, and interestingly, was much better against righties than lefties, despite being a righthanded hitter.

Odd claim, and I'm not sure he'll still be on the 40 man by the time spring training comes around.