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Wednesday a.m. things

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Playoffs start today, and there's actually some stuff about the Rangers in the papers...

Evan Grant reports that the Rangers' plan this offseason is to avoid the short-term quick fixes, and either add veterans who can contribute for years to come, or else go with the young players the team has in place to fill any holes.

That suggests that, other than adding a centerfielder, the Rangers won't be active in free agency. Jon Daniels said yesterday payroll is expected to be about the same in 2008 as it was in 2007, although I wouldn't be surprised if it dropped, simply because there aren't a ton of quality players out there to spend money on.

Gil LeBreton says the Rangers will be bad in 2008, but it is a necessary step in trying to make the team stronger long-term.

Mac Engel grouses about the Rangers trading Alfonso Soriano, rather than moneywhipping him and making him their left fielder. My thoughts on this are well known, so I'll pass...

And Anthony Andro gets Ron Washington's thoughts on the past season...