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More behind the curtain

Part 2 of the Q&A I linked a couple of weeks ago over at BP, with two anonymous front office execs, is now up.

It is behind the pay here are a couple of highlights for those of you who don't subscribe:

GH: So let's go the other way: If you had a son who was coming out of college, who would you want him to sign with?

NL Exec: Scott Boras.

AL Exec: Scott Boras.

GH: OK, I'll admit to being surprised by that, since I assumed he was someone on your `bad guy' list.

NL Exec: I think there are some clubs that it'd hurt you with, and he certainly makes some strategy blunders, but I've never run into a client of his that's been unhappy.

* * *

AL Exec: I'm saving my time to talk about my pet peeve.

GH: OK, fire away.

AL Exec: Umpiring.

GH: Seriously?

AL Exec: Absolutely. Ball and strike calling sucks, and umpires are way too in-your-face. They also hold grudges like you wouldn't believe. It's OK for them to always have the last word, or change the strike zone depending on whether or not they have dinner reservations, but if one of the players goes the same place, that guy's going to pay, with all the umpires, for a long time.

In the wake of our discussions about whether umps hold grudges, I thought that was very interesting...