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It isn't just the Rangers

Asdrubal Cabrera? The 21 year old second baseman for the Cleveland Indians, who hit .283/.354/.421 after getting called up to replace the sucktacular Josh Barfield?

You know how the Indians got him?

From the Mariners last year, when they traded for Eddie Perez on June 30. Because they thought they were in the race, and they thought they needed a right-handed hitting platoon 1B/DH type.

Perez hit .195/.304/.241 in 81 ABs last year for the M's, who ended up in last place, and then retired.

Think about that...we're all fired up about Jarrod Saltalamacchia, right? The Indians have a guy who is younger than Saltalamacchia, and who hit better in the majors this year than Saltalamacchia, playing second base for them right now.

Just a reminder that it isn't just the Rangers who make these sorts of awful deals...this could very well be the M's version of the Hafner trade...