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Cabrera on the market

Peter Gammons is reporting that "industry sources say that clubs have been notified there is another major bat and third baseman on the market -- Florida's Miguel Cabrera."

What impact should this have on the Rangers? Very little, I think.

Cabrera is a free agent after 2009. The Rangers are supposedly in rebuilding mode. Giving up significant prospects -- and make no mistake, you are going to have to give up significant prospects to get Cabrera -- for a guy who you only control for two more years, when you are supposed to be rebuilding, is foolishness.

I'm thinking that the Dodgers or Angels will be in on Cabrera, if they miss out on ARod...either one of those two teams could put together a significant package, and include a replacement third baseman for the Marlins. If Anaheim offered Brandon Wood, Ervin Santana and, say, Kendry Morales, I think that would get the Marlins' attention. The Dodgers could build something around Andy LaRoche and Clayton Kershaw.