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Saturday morning

Most of what's out there right now is rumor-related, with the free agent period fast approaching, and we've learned that Jon Daniels plays thing pretty close to the vest, so other than an acknowledgement that they want an outfielder and that Torii Hunter is a FA target, not a ton of the noise is coming from Arlington.

TR Sullivan does have another interesting piece looking at all of the Rangers' options, and I especially enjoyed it for its lack of Sosa discussion. Sullivan does mention some names - like Carlos Gonzalez and Nathan Haynes - that are interesting twists.

Speaking of interesting twists, Joe Torre made headlines last night by labeling the chances of ARod going to the Dodgers as "possible." This would be one of the best scenarios to me, primarily because ARod would going to a National League club.

A the same time, Scott Boras is trying to sell the Red Sox on getting in on the action. While, as I said, the NL is ideal, really anywhere but the Angels would by fine with me.