LSB Community Prospect Project: Wrap-up

After 126 votes Evan Reed and Carlos Pimentel were separated by a single vote. Because the race was so close I decided to declare a tie, meaning Evan Reed and Carlos Pimentel will share the right to be called the Lonestarball community #29 prospect.

And, since that brings us up to 30 total players on the list, we are now officially done with this thing.

Final List:

   1. RHP, Eric Hurley
   2. 1b/3b, Chris Davis
   3. SS, Elvis Andrus
   4. LHP, Kasey Kiker
   5. C, Taylor Teagarden
   6. RHP, Michael Main
   7. RHP, Blake Beavan
   8. 2b, German Duran
   9. OF, Engel Beltre
   10. C/DH, Max Ramirez
   11. LHP, Matt Harrison
   12. RHP, Omar Poveda
   13. (TIE) 3b, Johnny Whittleman
   13. (TIE) RHP, Neftali Feliz
   13. (TIE) RHP, Thomas Diamond
   16. OF, John Mayberry, Jr.
   17. RHP, Fabio Castillo
   18. LHP, Zach Phillips
   19. C, Cristian Santana
   20. RHP, Wilmer Font
   21. OF, Julio Borbon
   22. RHP, Neil Ramirez
   23. SS, Joaquin Arias
   24. OF, Brandon Boggs
   25. RHP, Tommy Hunter
   26. SS, Marcus Lemon
   27. RHP, Armando Galarraga
   28. LHP, Beau Jones
   29. (TIE) RHP, Evan Reed
   29. (TIE) RHP, Carlos Pimentel

Making this list inspired a lot of passionate discussion about our farm system. And that's a good thing.

I hope y'all had as much fun voting and discussing this thing as I did running it.

Let's do it again at mid-season:)


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