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T.R. Sullivan mailbag up

T.R. Sullivan has a new mailbag column up, and it is as if there was a contest to see how many dumb trade proposals could be sent in. The contenders:

Do you think a combination of Eric Hurley, Edinson Volquez, Metcalf and someone like Max Ramirez would be enough to get Cabrera from the Marlins?

* * *

If the Rangers offered Gerald Laird, Vicente Padilla, Jason Botts and Volquez to the Marlins, would they have a chance of getting Dontrelle Willis?

* * *

What are the chances of trading Blalock, Laird and Matt Harrison to the Mets for Carlos Beltran?

* * *

What about trading Laird, Kameron Loe and maybe a player to be named to the Pirates for Ian Snell?

* * *

Is there any chance the Rangers would trade Michael Young to the White Sox for Juan Uribe and Jon Garland or Jose Contreras?

All these are ludicrous, but Sullivan's response to the last one jumped out at me:

No. If you trade Young, you better be getting something back that will put you in the World Series immediately or a Teixeira-like package of future prospects.

First of all, Young has a no-trade clause, so all this is probably moot.

That said, Young is a bad defensive shortstop who didn't hit all that great in 2007, and who is due to be paid like a superstar from 2009-2013.

People get irrational when the subject of Michael Young comes up. If you could get one prospect as good as the third-best prospect you got from the Teixeira trade, and get out from under that albatross contract, you do it. But that isn't an option, because I don't think there's a team in baseball that would take on his contract right now (except as part of a salary dump).

Some other interesting tidbits...the Rangers are interested in Coco Crisp and Kusoke Fukudome, John Rheinecker is the #1 lefty in the bullpen for 2008 (which, I assume, means C.J. Wilson would be closing), and Joaquin Arias is no longer being considered for a move to centerfield.

Also, the list of players that folks ask about the Rangers obtaining (other than the usual suspects) includes Darin Erstad, Paul LoDuca, Mike Sweeney, Shawn Green, Fat Freddy Garcia, and Jose Guillen, and someone out there wants to make Jamey Wright a closer.