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Kenny Rogers, Texas Ranger (again)?

Is the fourth time the charm?

T.R. Sullivan is reporting that the Rangers are preparing offers for a handful of free agent targets, with two of the top guys on the list being Torii Hunter and...Kenny Rogers?

After the nastiness the accompanied the split between Rogers and the Rangers after the 2005, I'd have thought there was zero chance of him ever coming back, at least so long as Tom Hicks owned the team (since, reportedly, part of the reason for the split was Hicks' anger with Rogers after the photographer incident).

But Sullivan suggests it is still a possibility:

Apparently, the split may not be irreparable. Rogers still lives in the North Texas area and has pitched more games for the Rangers than anybody in club history. He is second in club history with 133 wins and 2,308 innings pitched.

"We'd be open to it under the right circumstances," Rangers general manager Jon Daniels said. "Obviously, finances would be a part of it. But I'd only want it to be a positive homecoming."

I'm guessing that bringing Rogers in would be a prelude to making a deal to get Padilla out of town...