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The value of Gerald Laird

The Mets are preparing a big offer for Yorvit Torrealba.

The Mets have zeroed in on Torrealba, who played for the National League champion Colorado Rockies, and could offer him a multiyear deal worth as much as $5 million annually, which would be a hefty raise from the $1.075 million he was paid last season. The Rockies remain interested in retaining Torrealba -- the Florida Marlins are suitors, too -- but have reportedly capped their offer at $7 million for two years and would not match what the Mets would give him.

This was Torrealba's first year as a starting catcher. He posted a .236 EQA for the Rockies this year, after posting a .237 EQA for them last year (in a part-time role), and is considered a good game-caller.

Gerald Laird is still three years away from free agency, will probably make a total of $5 million over the next three years, and is considered a quality defensive catcher whose game-calling isn't a strength. He had a .217 EQA last year, after putting up a .263 EQA the year before.

Torrealba is probably about the same quality of catcher Laird is (well, I think Laird is probably better, because I think he's a better hitter than he showed last year, but anyway...).

The amount of interest shown by teams in someone like Torrealba, and the amount of money teams are willing to pay, is a very good indicator for the value Laird has, should the Rangers wish to trade him.