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Friday a.m. things

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Everything out there this morning is blogginess...

T.R. Sullivan has his Friday Happy Hour notes up, and mentions Torii Hunter being the Rangers' #1 free agent target.

Richard Durrett is baffled at those who don't want to sign Torii Hunter, and goes back to the fall-back "he'll still be a productive corner outfielder if he has to move in a few years" argument...

You know my feelings on that. And hey, if folks want to devote 30-40% of payroll on past-their-primes Torii Hunter and Michael Young, and think that's the best way to build a winning team, I don't think I'm going to change their minds...

Evan Grant has some bloggy thoughts on a reconciliation between Kenny Rogers and Tom Hicks, and says that the Rangers need to be willing to apologize to Rogers for some things that happened when Rogers was last a Ranger, along with Rogers apologizing for some things he did.

Grant also takes Poochie the Rockin' Blogger to task for saying Boras and ARod screwed up the negotiations with the Yankees, pointing out that the deal that ARod looks likely to get from the Yankees isn't, as has been suggested, really any worse than what he had on the table from the Yanks before opting out.