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Saturday a.m. things

Quiet day out there today...

Newy Scruggs says don't bring Kenny Rogers back, although his reasoning seems to be that Rogers is a bad guy who only cares about money:

In 2005, Rogers left the club looking foolish after he attacked KDFW/Channel 4 cameraman Larry Rodriguez during batting practice.

A few days later, Rogers made an apology that would never be considered sincere.

The entire incident occurred over money. It seems money has been the reason Rogers kept leaving Arlington. Money is not the root of all evil, the love of money is, and it ruined Rogers' contributions to the organization.

Now he's a free agent, and if he apologizes to owner Tom Hicks, they might kiss and make up. Don't make me throw up.

Two years ago, Rogers threatened to retire if he wasn't paid, then acted like a child when he was criticized by sportswriters. He took his anger out on a defenseless cameraman instead of confronting the men who wrote scathing columns about him.

I think whether Rogers actually threatened to retire if he wasn't paid is still in dispute, since, if I recall correctly, Rogers has denied that.

However, Scruggs appears to also be offbase by saying that the Rodriguez incident was over money. That, from my recollection, had more to do with someone in the organization telling media members that Rogers was ducking a start and faking an injury to protect his stats.

Apparently concerned that fans think the Rangers are sitting on their hands, T.R. Sullivan has an article up talking about how proactive the Rangers are being right now. Sullivan mentions the Rangers' interest in Kosuke Fukudome, and also says that the Rangers have talked with Ian Kinsler about a 5 year deal, but that the two sides aren't real close right now.

And on a non-Rangers related note, Tom Verducci has been fired by the YES Network. His crimes? Writing a column critical of the Yankees for SI, and agreeing to write a book with Joe Torre.