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I will ban people who use pejorative racial terms

As you know, I'm under the SBNation umbrella. And part of that means that there are certain guidelines that SBNation wants folks to follow.

One of those things is that pejorative racial terms aren't acceptable. And that's a policy I wholeheartedly agree with.

In the past, I've just deleted posts that have used unacceptable terms.

However, I'm tired of doing that, and I shouldn't have to do that.

So from now on, if you use the word that got Michael Richards in so much trouble, you'll be automatically banned.

And if you otherwise make pejorative racial slurs, you are subject to being banned.

I don't want to ban people, and have been pretty hands-off in this regard in the past, but feel like I need to draw a line here.

Comments are disabled on this post, and I'd prefer not to see someone open up a diary to discuss this issue.

If you have any questions about this, you can email me.