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T.R. Sullivan mailbag

T.R. Sullivan has a new mailbag column up. Only one wacky trade proposal in there, but it is a doozy:

The Mets have holes to fill that the Rangers could help them. If the Rangers packaged Vicente Padilla and Gerald Laird together, they could ask for Lastings Milledge (who is sinking on the Mets' depth charts), pitcher Mike Pelfrey (he might still be a year away, so the Mets could be willing to move him) and pitcher Jorge Sosa. If we had to send Kevin Millwood instead of Padilla, we could up the asking price. Instead of Sosa, the Rangers could ask for reliever Pedro Feliciano or outfielder Carlos Gomez as the third player, or one of their first base prospects as a fourth player.

You know that part in Office Space, when the Bobs describe Peter is a straight shooter with upper management written all over him, and Lundberg says, "Mmmmmm...yeah...I think I'm going to have to disagree with you there..."

That's pretty much my reaction to this proposed trade.

Milledge, Pelfrey and Sosa for Laird and Padilla. Or Milledge, Pelfrey and Gomez for Laird and Millwood.


Some other stuff in there about the Rangers' interest in Tony Clark, Kusoke Fukudome, and Kerry Wood, along with the issues of Torii Hunter's ability to stay productive for five years...

Check it out...