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Thanksgiving stuff

Big news today, as the Rangers have signed Ramon Vazquez to a one year deal, thus putting to rest the question of who the utility infielder next year will be.

Nothing else out there of note...except, of course, the Torii Hunter deal.

Hunter gets 5 years, $90 million to go to the Angels.

Wow. Not a real good contract for the Angels, I don't think. My reaction here is much the same as when they signed GMJ last year...yeah, it is a division rival, but that contract is going to hurt them, particularly when the Rangers are ready to compete.

I said last year that the Angels were spending $10 million per year on a corner outfielder, and this deal sort of corroborates that, although with the injury issues Vlad Guerrero and Garret Anderson have been having, GMJ will probably still end up playing semi-regularly in a corner slot.

The Angels, I'm guessing, decided they had to have Hunter because Arte Moreno has decreed they had to get a big bat behind Vlad, and Hunter was the biggest bat available.

As you folks know, though, I don't think Hunter is a big bat.

Inexplicable signing, and one that bodes well, I think, for the Rangers long-term.