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Bill Conlin, crotchety old man

If you've ever seen "The Sports Reporters," you've seen Bill Conlin, singlehandedly trying to perpetuate every negative stereotype about traditional sportswriters.

And he's in fine form over the holidays.

He had a column defending the selection of Jimmy Rollins as MVP, which is analyzed by FJM in their usual fashion. Most notable is Conlin's ranting about how statheads think Range Factor is more important than fielding percentage, even though true statheads haven't used RF since the mid-90s.

Better yet, though, is his exchange with a blogger (who is a Philly fan) who wants to know why Rollins is a better choice than David Wright. Conlin's emails consist of blogger bashing and general insults about his correspondent being a bitter Mets fan, and concludes with this brilliance:

The only positive thing I can think of about Hitler's time on earth-I'm sure he would have eliminated all bloggers.


It will be interesting to see how his corporate overlords react...

Update [2007-11-23 20:23:27 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Deadspin has the story, and it is worth checking out if only for the comments. My favorite: "Bill Conlin lives in the Oscar Meyer weinermobile."

That made me laugh out loud for a good 15-20 seconds. In fact, I'm giggling again as I type this...

Update [2007-11-24 1:16:1 by Adam J. Morris]: -- This thread got out of control, and personal info was published, which shouldn't have been. Comments are disabled now.