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Tuesday a.m. things

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A few Rangers items in the news this morning...

Anthony Andro has an item up about Mike Cameron being a possible fit for the Rangers.

Richard Durrett had a blog entry about the possibility of acquiring Cameron, which resulted in a bunch of "Cameron is the SuX0r" comments from the DMN peanut gallery...

Here's the thing, though...last year, Cameron was 5 runs above average offensively for a centerfielder per the BP stats, and depending on the measure used, is average to somewhat above-average defensively. So despite all the "Cameron sucks" comments, he was still at least an average centerfielder in 2007.

And he's someone who has been disproportionately impacted by park effects in his career, which means that putting him in TBIA could result in a significant jump in his output.

Meanwhile, New York Newsday says that Omar Minaya is still interested in Gerald Laird, despite the acquisition of Johnny Estrada from the sounds like Estrada is a likely non-tender candidate. However, it also sounds like the Mets aren't going to do anything on the catcher front until they figure out if they can land Johan Santana from the Twins...