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What the Rangers are looking for

T.R. Sullivan has an article up on the Ranger wish-list for the winter meetings, saying that a centerfielder, a middle of the order bat who can play first base or a COF slot, and a veteran reliever are the top priorities.

A lot of interesting names are thrown out there, some familiar, including Mike Cameron and Kosuke Fukudome, along with some other intriguing options:

Adam Dunn could be of interest to the Rangers if the Reds decide to move him. But the Rangers prefer younger possibilities, which is why they have interest in outfield prospects Fernando Martinez and Carlos Gomez of the Mets or Carlos Gonzalez of the Diamondbacks. The Dodgers may be willing to move outfielder Matt Kemp but want a big bat in return. The Rangers have also talked to the Red Sox about Coco Crisp and the Reds about Josh Hamilton.

There's also talk about the Rangers needing to improve their bullpen depth, and looking at a veteran setup man...however, given what the market appear to be for relievers (see, e.g., Scott Linebrink), and given the options the Rangers have in-house, I would think that's something the Rangers don't necessarily need to pursue...