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The Twins/D-Rays deal

It is done, with the Twins getting Delmon Young, Brendan Harris, and Jason Pridie, and the D-Rays getting Matt Garza, Jason Bartlett, and Eduardo Morlan.

John Sickels, a Twins fan, doesn't like the deal. Rob Neyer, on the other hand, thinks the Twins got the better end of the deal.

Sickels had Morlan as the #4 prospect in the Twins system, with a grade of B. Kevin Goldstein also has Morlan at #4 in the Twins system, and grades him as a three star prospect.

Neither Sickels nor Goldstein had done the D-Rays system yet, but Sickels seems to pretty clearly prefer Morlan to Pridie.

I've come around on this a little from the Twins' standpoint...I thought this was a clear win for the D-Rays yesterday, but after thinking about it, I decided I was putting too much emphasis on Delmon Young's lousy 2007 season, and maybe rating Matt Garza too highly.

However, I still don't think this is a clear win for the I talked about yesterday, Bartlett is a clear upgrade over Harris at shortstop because of his huge defensive edge, and Morlan appears to be more valuable than Pridie.

Young's lack of plate discipline is scary, though...he'd better develop the power that people think he has the potential to show, or else he's going to be another Juan Encarnacion...