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Minor league free agents

BA has a list of all 602 minor league free agents up.

The only Rangers of note are Anthony Webster and Ezequiel Astacio, both of whom, at one point or another in the past, were once viewed as prospects.

Some guys of note on the list:

Chad Harville -- Hard throwing righty who was once traded by the A's for Kirk Saarloos, but who has never really put it all together. He's someone I could see turning into Salomon Torres or someone like that in the right situation.

Rheal Cormier -- He's 40 years old. According to B-R, he's made $24,334,999 in major league salary in his career. And he's still hanging on out there.

Larry Bigbie -- He was once a Baltimore Orioles prospect, back in the early-aughts when their farm system was largely bare.

Rosman Garcia -- Part of the return for trading Randy Velarde to the Yanks in 2001. We turned Aaron Harang and Ryan Cullen into Rosman Garcia and Randy Flores. Not one of Doug Melvin's better series of swaps.

Jason Dubois -- He turns 29 in March. Former Cubs prospect. Disappointing season for Norfolk last year. But he's someone who might be worth an NRI to see if he could fill a lefty-masher role.

Ruddy Yan -- Yes, the Ruddy Yan.

Carlos Almanzar -- Sigh. One really good season for the Rangers, then his elbow blew up.

Travis Hughes -- Remember him? 1.91 ERA for Pawtucket this year, 72 Ks and 29 walks in 75 innings, with a lot of ground balls. I'm a little surprised Boston never brought him up for a look in their pen...he'll be 30 in May, but will probably get an NRI and could make a bullpen with a good spring.

Junior Spivey -- He and Travis Hughes are two of only three players drafted out of Cowley County Community College to make the majors. The third, of course, is very depressing to Rangers fans, and we won't talk of him...

Ed Rogers -- While in the Baltimore system, he was compared to Alex Rodriguez. Seriously.

Ryan Bukvich and Ryan Wing -- Remember these guys? Former Rangers that John Hart put claims in on, once upon a time? Ah, the good old days...

Jason Bourgeois -- I was irritated the Rangers lost him on waivers. By all accounts, a very good guy, and someone who is likely a minor league lifer.

Craig Wilson -- All the sudden, he fell off a cliff. A good hitter for a while, but he appears to be d-u-n done.

Kenny Kelly -- The former U of Miami QB. How many of these highly-touted football players that go into baseball ever really pan out? Grady Sizemore did, but other than him, I'm struggling to come up with any other names...

Aaron Herr -- Son of the former Cardinal Tommie Herr.

Bobby Brownlie -- The guy I wanted the Rangers to pick in 2002 instead of Drew Meyer. Shoulder problems killed his career.

Keith Ginter -- Former Red Raider and Astros prospect. He had two solid seasons with the Brewers, then fell apart after going to Oakland. One of those guys who might have some value as a possible bench player.

Dennis Tankersley -- Wow...remember when he was one of the top pitching prospects in baseball?

David Espinosa and Dane Sardinha -- A couple of guys whose careers were hurt by the Reds' decision to give them major league contracts when they were drafted, so they could spread their signing bonus out several years rather than pay it up front.

Andres Torres -- Who remembers that he played 8 games for the Rangers in 2005? Anyone? Anyone?

Joe Borchard -- Remember my comment about Kenny Kelly? Another stud football player who couldn't play baseball.

Val Pascucci -- The guy who should be platooning with Frank Catalanotto for the Rangers at first base next season. Or maybe just playing first base on his own.

Chan Ho Park -- Let's move on...

Zach Day -- Another one of those guys who just mysteriously started sucking all of the sudden.

Jeremy Cleveland -- I have vowed never to get overly excited about a college player's success in short-season ball after getting drafted. This is the Jeremy Cleveland Rule.

Rick Bauer -- Not a good year for him.

Spike Lundberg -- Yep, he's also still hanging around out there.

Eric Cyr -- Another former top prospect, now mostly known for the way he joined the mile-high club

Marshall McDougall -- Hey, we need a right-handed hitter who can handle third base as the utility infielder...bring him back!!!

R.A. Dickey -- I've got nothing here.

Jerome Williams -- Seriously, what the hell happened to him?

Clint Nageotte -- Remember when he was one of those great Mariners arms that was going to make the Rangers irrelevant? Well, the Rangers have been irrelevant, but not because of the vaunted M's pitching prospects...

Fernando Tatis -- Let's make him our platoon DH next year. Hell, he can't be any worse than Sideshow, and I like Tatis more.

Ben Kozlowski -- Sigh. This makes me sad.

Jamal Strong -- Former M's prospect that M's fans were way too hyped about.

Jason Stokes -- Another guy I'd be interested in the Rangers bringing in as an NRI. Remember, the Marlins traded us Adrian Gonzalez in the first place because Stokes had passed him on the depth chart. And he's from Coppell, and will only be 26 next year. Injuries have plagued him the past few years...give him a minor league deal and look at him this spring, let him spend some time in AAA, and see what is there.

Gookie Dawkins -- Another "he's still around?" guy. And one of the great baseball names ever.

Dewon Brazelton -- Half of the answer to the trivia question, "Besides Mark Prior and Joe Mauer, who was selected ahead of Mark Teixeira in the 2001 amateur draft?"

Kevin Gryboski -- Our return from the Matt Lorenzo trade.

John Wasdin and Einar Diaz -- Both in the Pirates system. Insert your own joke here.

Chris Russ -- Former Rangers prospect, around whom there was a really weird amount of hype at one point.

Casey Fossum -- Remember when he was supposed to be good?

Jesse Foppert -- Him, too?

Justin Leone -- Another guy I think would be worth a look as the righty part of a 1B or LF platoon.

Chris Richard -- See Larry Bigbie.

Brandon Claussen -- See Fossum & Foppert

Ty Godwin -- Another one of those football players who didn't pan out.