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Friday afternoon roundup

As mentioned in the diaries, a few fairly significant things have happened today. According to Jon Daniels (via TR Sullivan) Jarrod Saltalamacchia is going to catch in 2008, which I think is fantastic news. The wording used by TR is a little odd, because he doesn't say that he will be catching every day in Texas, just catching every day. Saltalamacchia is a good enough catcher that he is worth having there. And he's not such a good hitter that he's a big asset at 1B, so this has always seemed like an easy conclusion to me. Because of that, I think that the club leaving it up in the air has been for the purpose of Laird's ego and trade value, and I probably am in the camp that thinks that Laird's fate is now decided one way or another.

Lastings Milledge has been dealt for Brian Schneider and Ryan Church. As I ponder this one, I just keep thinking "Omar Minaya must really love Ryan Church." This is bad news to me, though, as a target for Laird has gone elsewhere. And if the above news about Saltalamacchia is true, we now have a known spare part with a shrinking market. Might Gerald may have to accept, at least for a few months, a backup job once again in Texas?

Kenny Rogers has re-signed with Detroit. So no uncomfortable moments with Kenny Rogers and Tom Hicks in the same room are in our future after all.

A couple of other at least somewhat noteworthy signings also came down today, as the Cards have replaced Lil David Eckstein with the even weaker bat of Cesar Izturis. I think that St. Louis may field a lineup with about five major league caliber hitters next season. And after a solid comeback, Troy Percival will join Tampa's improving staff for two years and eight million.