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Monday a.m. stuff

G.M. meetings are this week out in Orlando, and while there will probably be a whole lot more talk than activity, we should at least start having some rumors floating around to obsess over...

Anthony Andro talks about the anticipated goings-on, with some focus on the centerfield market, which is, of course, where the Rangers are wanting to dive head-first...

Evan Grant has jumped on the Kosuke Fukudome bandwagon, and says his mission for today is to "try and find out if the Rangers are legitimately interested" in Fukudome.

T.R. Sullivan has his Monday morning blog questions up, and there's one in particular I wanted to jump on:

Hypothetical Trade Proposal of the Week: Would you do this: Edinson Volquez, Eric Hurley, Hank Blalock and Jarrod Saltalamacchia for either Johan Santana with the Twins or Miguel Cabrera of the Marlins

No, and no. Way too much to give up for a player who is a year away from free agency (Santana) or two years away from free agency (Cabrera).