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Tuesday a.m. things

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Only things tangentially related to the Rangers today...

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal says today that Doug Melvin is interested in Hank Blalock. I can't see that being much of a fit, though, and I'm guessing Melvin is mainly interested in buying low, while the Rangers want to see if Blalock can continue to hit the way he did last season and, if they are going to sell him, try to sell higher...

And the Chicago Sun-Times says that there are four teams in the running for Kosuke Fukudome...San Diego, the two Chicago teams, and Texas.

There's been some interpretation by the national media that the Rangers' acquisition of Milton Bradley is a sign that they don't think they'll land Fukudome. I don't think that's the case, isn't as if there isn't room for both Bradley and Fukudome in the Ranger outfield. And Fukudome would be a longer-term commitment, while Bradley is a low-risk one year signing.