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Some 2007 Rangers trivia

Slow day, so I'm going to throw some trivia questions out there, relating to the 2007 Rangers...

  1. How many games out of first place did the Rangers finish in 2007?
  2. Who led the team in games pitched (typo on my part -- now fixed)?
  3. Name the 7 Ranger players with double-digit home runs.
  4. Name the 15 Ranger pitchers to start a game.
  5. Name the 7 Ranger pitchers to get a save.
  6. Who led the team in walks?
  7. Who led the team in triples?
  8. Who led the team in steals?
  9. Name the 12 Rangers who played at least 1 inning in left field.
Answers will be provided later on today.

Update [2007-12-12 20:44:10 by Adam J. Morris]: -- Answers after the jump

1. 19

2. Benoit

3. Sosa, Wilkerson, Kinsler, Teixeira, Cat, Byrd, Blalock

4. Millwood, Padilla, McCarthy, Wright, Tejeda, Loe, Volquez, Eyre, Mendoza, Galarraga, Koronka, Murray, Rheinecker, Wood, Gabbard

5. Gagne, Otsuka, Wilson, Benoit, Eyre, Littleton, Mahay

6. Kinsler

7. Byrd

8. Kinsler

9. Cat, Wilkerson, Botts, Cruz, Byrd, Murphy, Hairston, Kata, Diaz, Guzman, Relaford, Laird