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Miguel Tejada traded

The Baltimore Orioles have traded Miguel Tejada...and appear to have gotten a very nice haul for him...

According to the Baltimore Sun:

In return for the four-time All-Star, the Orioles will get outfielder Luke Scott, pitchers Matt Albers, Troy Patton and Dennis Sarfate, and third baseman Michael Costanzo.

Scott is a useful COF. Patton is the Astros' top pitching prospect. Albers is a nice young pitcher. Costanzo is a decent prospect Houston got from Philly for Brad Lidge.

Houston just gave up a crapload of talent for a guy who they are probably going to have to move to third base, and who is under contract for two more years at $13 million per year.

Oh, and who put up a .270 EQA last season.

Houston had a worse record than the Rangers last year, have a terrible farm system, and yet are trying to be in "win now" mode.

I'm sure there are a few folks, those who whine on the DMN blog comments about "Tom TOO CHEAP Hicks," who will be asking where Texas was on this deal.

But this is a stupid, stupid move for Houston, one that isn't going to make the team good enough to be legit competitors in 2008, and one that hurts the Astros long-term.

Great trade for Baltimore.