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Some more thoughts on the Tejada trade

Looking thru the comments, it appears some folks aren't impressed with what the Orioles got for Tejada, or are wondering what the equivalent value from the Rangers would be.

I'd say the package is roughly equivalent to the Rangers giving up Eric Hurley, Frank Catalanotto, Matt Harrison, Brandon Boggs, and, I don't know, Francisco Cruceta if he were still here.

Hurley and Patton are extremely similar...they are within two weeks of the same age, both split time between AA and AAA last year (although Patton was called up at the end of the year to Houston), and have similar profiles. Patton was #58 on BA's top 100 last year (Hurley was #68, John Danks #56, to give you a point of reference), and is graded as a B+ by John Sickels currently (as is Hurley).

Albers is 24, came into the season with a B+ from Sickels and #86 on the top 100 list, and split the year between AAA and Houston. He struggled in the majors, but still is thought to have a good future and some upside.

Costanzo put up a nice line last year as a 23 year old in AA, and Sickels rates him as a B- prospect (compared to a C+ for Boggs).

That's a lot, it seems like, for the age 32 and 33 seasons of a guy who has been a terrific shortstop, but he had an off-year last year, and who probably is going to be moving to third base.