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Some takes on some moves

Keith Law weighs in on the Fukudome signing and the Tejada trade. Law likes the Fukudome signing, and thinks the Astros overpaid for Tejada, and indicates that he's talked to execs who think Tejada is older than his official age of 31.

Ken Rosenthal is critical of the Astros, as well.

Chris Kline of BA offers his take on the guys Baltimore got:

We all pretty much know what Luke Scott is. I love Albers' delivery and he creates good natural deception for a RHP. I touched on Patton briefly earlier, and if his changeup continues to improve, he could be a legit No. 2. Quality velocity on the fastball, plus curveball are already there. Sarfate is a bullpen arm with some value. Costanzo is the enigma of the bunch. Some scouts don't believe he's an everyday third baseman, but like Scott, he's got lefthanded juice. He just needs to put it all together for a full season. In each of the last two years he struggled with consistency early and then blew up in August. He handled lefthanders better this past year, but there are still defensive question marks. On a side note, I just got off the phone with Costanzo, who said his parents bought a bunch of Astros stuff for various family members for the holiday season. Hope they have the receipts.

The Transaction Oracle is an O's fan, and he likes the deal for Baltimore. ZiPS projects a 111 OPS+ for Tejada...

The Oracle also says that the Aaron Rowand signing should keep the Giants from losing 100 games.