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SBN - Around the Horn

Over at Halos Heaven, they're optimistic about solving last year's power outage with Torii in the lineup. The link goes to a chart that says they project 26 homeruns for Torii next year, but that adding him will add 34 homeruns to the team total. There you go, Torii will make the team better mostly through the power of the two "i's" in his name.

BaseballGirl at AthleticsNation has a lengthy piece about moral equivalence, in which you realize she's talking about signing Barry Bonds about three or four words in even though his name doesn't appear until 3/4's of the way through. I have a childhood friend named Crazy Ryan, who's schizophrenic. He's 6'7", about 160 lbs, has a lengthy criminal history, and hasn't been able to keep a job in... well... ever. I met his current girlfriend a couple of years ago... she is a 300 lb girl with congestive heart failure. I asked Crazy Ryan, "Really? I mean, really?" His response: "I've got problems, too, dude." BaseballGirl's argument for signing Bonds = "We've got problems, too, dude."

Jeff over at Lookout Landing talks about the Mariners' attempts to sign Hiroki Kuroda (spoiler alert: he decided to sign with the Dodgers for less money). He responds to a writer at the Seattle PI saying that signing Kuroda would allow the Mariners to call the offseason a success by saying "Yeah, and I could cut a puppy in half and call it a knapsack," which is as valid an analogy as any for empty public relations statements in general.

Over at the Rays' site, R.J. Anderson links to a chat on the Rays' MLB blog with club president Matt Silverman and senior VP Michael Kalt. Anderson quotes two questions and answers, with Silverman telling a fan complaining about walking 15 blocks in St. Pete weather to the new stadium that he grew up going to games at Arlington Stadium and had to walk from the Six Flags satellite parking in much worse conditions. Club president to Rays fan: "You think you have it rough? I grew up a Rangers fan! Suck it up, Nancy!" Looking through the questions, maybe the Rays should have kept Elijah Dukes on the roster to protect the club brass from the fans.