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Sullivan luvs him some Sideshow

T.R. Sullivan has some bloggy notes up today, and appears underwhelmed by the Ben Broussard/Chris Shelton combo at first base:

There are still some interesting names out there. Three that come to mind are Mike Piazza, Mike Sweeney and Tony Clark. Wonder if the Rangers would prefer any of those three to Shelton. Too bad Sammy Sosa never learned to play first base.


Here's the thing, though...what would be the point of bringing in a Piazza, Sweeney or Clark at this point? You are committed to Broussard. You've got Shelton and Jason Botts around, along with Nelson Cruz. Does it really make sense to cut lose a Shelton or a Botts so we can have Mike Sweeney around? Or, for that matter, Sideshow Sammy, even if he could play first base?

Given the current roster structure, I am at a loss as to why any of those guys Sullivan suggested would make sense.