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A's deal Haren to the D-Backs

The fight for 3rd place in the A.L. West just got more interesting, as the Oakland A's have dealt Danny Haren to the D-Backs:

Included in the trade to Oakland are pitchers Brett Anderson, Greg Smith and Dana Eveland along with outfielders Carlos Gonzalez and Aaron Cunningham and first baseman Chris Carter.

Gonzalez and Carter I know about, and they are very good prospects. Not sure about the rest. I will update with more thoughts when I look at the rest of the guys Oakland got.

Update [2007-12-14 19:10:13 by Adam J. Morris]: -- mentioned in the comments, Carter, Anderson, Cunningham and Gonzalez are all among the D-Backs' top 10 prospects, per BA, with Gonzalez and Anderson being #1 and #3.

Anderson is a 19 year old finesse lefty who was terrific in low-A, but who tops out at 90 mph. Cunningham is a 21 year old outfielder with good stats but questions about how he'll develop and hit at the upper the BA chat, he's compared to Eric Byrnes.

Eveland is a reliever who came over from the Brewers as part of the Doug Davis trade, and Smith is a just-turned-24 year old lefty pitcher who split 2007 between AA and AAA.

My initial thought is that the acquisition of Gonzalez and Carter gives the A's something they desperately need in their system -- a couple of high-ceiling hitting prospects.