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Saturday morning stuff

Let's see...

The Kaz Fukumori signing is official, with the Rangers committing $3 million over 2 years for Fukumori.

It seems like an odd signing to me, given that Fukumori wasn't anything special over in Japan, but the price is cheap, and Daniels indicates that the Rangers are trying to expand their presence in the Pacific Rim...I'm guessing that the team figures signing Fukumori helps them get a toehold in Japan...

The Oracle is underwhelmed, although I think his reaction is a little bit harsh. Obviously, the injury last year hurt his stats, and if he bounces back and is healthy (and pitches like he did in 2006), $3 million over 2 years is a bargain. If he spends at least 30 days on the d.l., the second year turns into a club option (and there's an option for a third year), so the risk is minimized.

Another thing is that relievers, like catchers, seem to be overvalued by the market right now. I get the sense that Daniels likes the idea of having lots of viable relievers around so that he can use them as trade chips to upgrade other areas of the team (and let's be real...other areas of the team are definitely in need of upgrading).

T.R. Sullivan has some notes up, saying that C.J. Wilson has the inside track on the closer job, and running through the outfield options (while pouring a 40 on the curb for Sideshow, who ain't coming back).

Meanwhile, Mike Cameron's agent says Cameron isn't going back to San Diego. A 2 year deal with the Rangers, maybe? By June, you have an outfield with a Byrd/Cat platoon in left field, Cameron in center, and Bradley in right, with Botts at DH and a Shelton/Broussard platoon at first base. That's not a bad lineup...