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Moves and reactions

Just rounding up some stuff...

Hiroki Kuroda got a 3 year deal from the Dodgers, worth $35-36 million. He's expected to be a #4 starter or so...and, really, that's about what #4 starters are getting.

Keith Law seems to like the Dan Haren trade for both sides, as does the Transaction Oracle, who has some praise for Billy Beane for committing to rebuilding and recognizing the A's aren't going to be good enough to compete in 2008.

R.J. Anderson at BTB offers his analysis of the two trades Arizona made...

Law also likes the Padres decision to pick up Jim Edmonds, seeing it as a low-risk move to get a guy who is owed only about $8 million for one year, and rolling the dice that he can stay healthy and get his power back on a team that has playoff aspirations for 2008.