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Rangers have a move coming

The Rangers have recently added Milton Bradley, Ben Broussard, and Kaz Fukumori.

Before this flurry of moves, the 40 man roster was full. Akinori Otsuka has been non-tendered, and Nick Gorneault was DFA'd, but there's still one more move that should be coming.

Running down the list of candidates, I'm guessing one of these six players will end up getting DFA'd on Monday:

Josh Rupe
Robinson Tejeda
Bill White
Chris Shelton
Nelson Cruz
Jason Botts

Tejeda, Cruz and Botts are out of options, and all of them are iffy to make the 25 man roster out of spring training. Rupe hasn't been able to stay healthy. White is a good arm, but a guy who was picked up as a minor league free agent.

But Shelton is the one I'm starting to think is the most likely to go. Shelton was picked up before the Rangers grabbed Broussard. On a team that is only going to keep 4 bench players, keeping Shelton means only one backup infielder and one backup outfielder.

It occurs to me that the Rangers may prefer to simply run Broussard out there everyday at first base, or else have Jarrod Saltalamacchia play first base against lefties (and yes, I know that the team has said they want him to stay behind the plate).

With someone having to get the axe, I think Shelton is the most likely candidate right now, with Tejeda and White fairly close behind.