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T.R. Sullivan mailbag

T.R. Sullivan has a new mailbag up...

Quite a few interesting things out there...

What really jumped out at me is that Sullivan says that Nelson Cruz and Jason Botts need to have great springs to win jobs for 2008...but for the life of me, I can't figure out what 30-40 plate appearances in exhibition games in March is going to tell the Rangers that they don't already know about these guys. Botts has been in the system since Doug Melvin was here, Cruz has been here since August of 2006, and they have extensive track records in the minors, along with some major league ABs. I don't see how anything this spring should carry that much weight...

There is also the obligatory ridiculous trade proposal:

What are the chances of the Rangers going after the likes of Andrew Miller, who was recently traded to Florida? What if we traded Padilla to the Marlins for Miller and Carlos Martinez or Hanley Ramirez? I really think we need to dump Padilla and this seems like a good trade.
-- Chris J., Norman, Okla.

If general manager Jon Daniels can swing that trade, then he'll be Executive of the Year and the Marlins will be contracted.