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Wednesday a.m. things

It is Milton Bradley day today...both papers with stories on Bradley, with the S-T saying he's ahead of schedule on his rehab, and Richard Durrett saying in the DMN that Bradley is supposed to be ready to start the season.

Durrett also mentions that the Rangers have to move someone off the 40 man to make room for Bradley...the fact that no move has been announced leads me to believe that the team is working behind the scenes to try to make a deal to trade a player before they are forced into DFA'ing someone (and thus, losing some trade leverage).

Meanwhile, the San Diego Union-Tribune has an article up about Tad Iguchi, with Iguchi saying that Akinori Otsuka told him about what a great place San Diego was. The article also mentions that the Padres have an interest in signing Otsuka, but if that doesn't work out, he could probably catch on with the San Diego Chamber of Commerce...