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Sunday a.m. stuff

Quiet day out there today. And not a bad win for the Cowboys...although if TO is going to miss significant time, Tony Romo better not even suggest that the Cowboys could win without Owens, since we know how TO feels about QBs saying things like that...

On the Hamilton trade, Keith Law really likes the deal for Texas:

There's some risk involved, but there's a very good chance the Rangers just picked up a middle-of-the-order bat who's about to enter his prime years in exchange for a hard-throwing young pitcher with more risks around his future.

* * *

The Rangers' system is full of pitching prospects, and they have a good number of infield and catching prospects, but they're light in the outfield, with 2007 draftee Julio Borbon probably the best of that group. Josh Hamilton immediately becomes the best centerfielder the Rangers have had in a decade -- all apologies to Laynce Nix, Tom Goodwin, and Damon Buford -- and has a good chance to be the best hitter in the Rangers' 2008 lineup.

Anyone who has been following the Rangers closely knows that Law is dead on in his assessment of the system, and in particular, in his take on the plethora of pitching prospects the Rangers have.

It makes the take offered by David Pinto -- who normally is pretty good -- all the more disappointing:

I find it strange that Texas would trade a top pitching prospect, given their lack of depth on the mound.

* * *

It could be the Rangers feel they just don't have a good way of improving the pitching this year, so they might as well make the offense as potent as possible and hope they get lucky.

Pinto, it seems, is regurgitating the circa 2003 line on the Rangers...