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Thursday morning things

Another day with little Rangers-related out there...

Richard Durrett has a proposed lineup up, which has Marlon Byrd in right field (until Milton Bradley is ready) and Jason Botts nowhere to be seen...

There are a couple of comments clamoring for David Murphy to be playing left field instead of Frank Catalanotto.

Marlon Byrd isn't going to hit well enough to play a COF slot regularly. He's a 4th outfielder.

David Murphy is unlikely to hit well enough to play left field regularly. He's probably a 4th outfielder, although he may progress enough with the bat to be a less than terrible option in a COF slot.

Given where this team is right now, I wouldn't be surprised if Frank Catalanotto is being shopped...his contract is very reasonable, and he's a nice role player for a good team. He just isn't a real good fit for the Rangers at this point.

If you could get a decent return for Cat, you could go with a Murphy/Byrd platoon in RF and Botts in LF until Bradley is ready, then move Botts to DH, Bradley to RF and the Murphy/Byrd platoon to LF.

That seems like a decent alignment, to me.