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Fraley silliness

Gerry Fraley has a new column up, with his HOF votes. He votes for Jack Morris, but also for Bert Blyleven, so I'll leave that alone.

However, he passes on Tim Raines, with this explanation:

Raines' case was hurt by his reluctance to run in all situations, as Rickey Henderson did. Raines seemed at times too concerned about preserving his stolen-base percentage.

Raines is 5th in MLB history in stolen bases, so I find it odd that he's getting knocked for not running enough.

But even more bizarre is that Fraley's complaint isn't just that Raines didn't run is that he didn't run enough in situations where there was a good chance he would get thrown out.

So...Raines might be, in Fraley's mind, a Hall of Famer, if he had just run more often in bad percentage situations.