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Carlos Quentin, Elijah Dukes traded

The Arizona Diamondbacks have traded Carlos Quentin to the ChiSox, in exchange for 20 year old first baseman Chris Carter.

Before folks start freaking out that the ChiSox stole Quentin for a guy in A-ball, be aware, Carter is a real nice prospect...he posted over a 900 OPS with a good walk rate in the Sally League as a 20 year old, and that's a real tough place for hitters to put up big numbers. To trump that offer, the Rangers would probably have had to offer Chris Davis, a year older and with a similar profile...Johnny Whittleman is also similar to Carter, but isn't as good a prospect.

And Quentin is 25 and hasn't hit in the majors yet, although one would suspect he'll be a better hitter in than he's shown thusfar with the D-Backs, given his minor league numbers. I think this is a deal that works for both teams, as the D-Backs get a high-upside young power prospect for a quality young major leaguer who they really didn't have a place for anymore...

Also, the D-Rays have sent Elijah Dukes to the Nationals for 20 year old lefty Glenn Gibson. Gibson is a nice prospect, #8 in the Nats' system, and Dukes is...well, Elijah Dukes is Elijah Dukes. Extremely talent, and with lots of baggage.