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Who Florida is getting

Andrew Miller and Cameron Maybin, of course, are going to Florida...but who else? From the Detroit Free-Press:

According to one club official with knowledge of the negotiations, Detroit has tentatively agreed to include catcher Mike Rabelo and right-handed pitchers Dallas Trahern, Eulogio De La Cruz and Burke Badenhop in the deal.

De la Cruz and Trahern were ranked #7 and #11, respectively, by Kevin Goldstein in his rankings of the Tiger prospects. Rabelo is a not very good 27 year old backup catcher. Badenhop is a 24 year old pitcher who spent most of the year in high-A, and put up a good ERA while striking out barely 5 batters per 9.

Here's what Goldstein said a few days ago about the Tiger system:

Already a below-average system, the Tigers' prospect list was hurt considerably by the Edgar Renteria trade, which cost them Gorkys Hernandez and Jair Jurrjens, players who would have ranked third and fourth on this list, respectively. Much of the organization's future improvement in this regard revolves around the 2007 draft class, for which scouting director David Chadd was given a blank check. The good news is that they are still a primarily young, talented team at the big league level. The bad news is that any real help after Maybin might be a while in coming.

With Maybin, Jurrjens, and Hernandez gone, the Tigers have Rick Porcello and not much else...but then, they are in win-now mode, and are spending to win now, so the farm is a secondary priority...