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Tuesday a.m. things

Info is starting to leak out of the winter meetings, with some Rangers stuff out there...

Evan Grant says the Rangers are talking to Eric Gagne, and suggests something could be done with Gagne on a one year deal pretty quick. In addition:

Gagne, Eddie Guardado and LaTroy Hawkins are potential fits in the relief role. Former Ranger Mike Lamb, Sean Casey and Tony Clark could be fits at first. Clark, however, had been in talks about a two-year deal with Arizona recently. The Rangers probably would not do anything more than a one-year deal with an option.

"There are two groups of priorities for us," Daniels said. "There is 2008 and there are long-term priorities. Next year, we could use a bullpen piece, an outfielder and a first baseman. Long-term, we are continuing to talk with clubs about the outfield."

Grant also says the Rangers are checking the medical records of Freddy Garcia, Bartolo Colon, and Jason Jennings. Any of those guys could be a possibility for a one year deal.

T.R. Sullivan has a bevy of info, saying that the Rangers are preparing to go with David Murphy and Marlon Byrd in center, among other things.

Jim Reeves says the Rangers' lineup for 2008 doesn't look very good. Shocking, I know...

The Philadelphia Inquirer suggests that the Phillies could be in on Hank Blalock, if the Rangers are indeed willing to part with him...