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SBN - Around the Horn

Zip it up and zip it out...

Apparently, Brian Barton isn't a target of the Rays...

Bless You Boys, the Tigers blog, comments on the acquisition of Freddy Guzman, saying that Guzman fills the centerfield hole left in the organization by the losses of Maybin and Gorkys Hernandez. I'm sure he'll do a swell job, you know, filling some organizational holes. Hey, guys, he's really fast!

South Side Sox links to some stories about Fukudome, with one saying that he's narrowed his choices to the Royals and Cubs, and the other saying the ChiSox are still in the running.

Remember how happy we were with the Gagne, Tex, and Lofton trades? Well, that's the kind of thing you can be happy about as a Ranger fan, not World Series, but prospects. The guy who runs the Marlins blog... not so much. Summary: "Take those damned prospects and stick 'em up your bippy! Screw you, Baseball America!" Also via Fishstripes, Dontrelle Willis has a blog. First impressions: Dontrelle is a little cavalier with conventional spelling, punctuation, grammar, and everything else that goes into structuring a sentence, including thought. And, by that, I mean he urinates on them and then sets them on fire.

Jeff Sullivan has a funny season recap for Jeff Weaver. I enjoy Jeff's writing a lot, but I enjoy it a lot more when he's writing about a Mariner loss or a Mariner that sucks.