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Saturday morning things

Meh. Not much out there today.

Jeff Wilson runs down some remaining outfield options, with Jon Daniels saying that the Rangers are fine with going with Marlon Byrd and David Murphy in center next year if need be.

That would be...disappointing. Byrd is pretty sub-par in center defensively, and Murphy is a cypher. I'm guessing that Murphy would get the majority of the starts in center while the Rangers continued to spend the 2008 season looking for what other options are available out there.

T.R. Sullivan has an item up, discussing the players out there the Rangers are still interested in. The only two I find that intriguing are Kusoke Fukudome and Andre Ethier. The Rangers are also staying firm on only wanting to do one year deals on guys like Corey Patterson and LaTroy Hawkins, guys who are short-term fixes rather than long-term answers.